& Fairy Coffins

 In 1836, three Scottish boys discovered a strange cache of miniature coffins concealed on a hillside above Edinburgh. Who put them there—and why?

 Read the full story at Smithsonianmag.com.

Photos from the National Museum of Scotland.


Sketchbook Project 2015 ~ 1st draft

 There's still time to sign up for The Sketchbook Project 2015 ~ go here.

 They have extended the due date too which is great news.
My original idea was to replace the pages, so I played around with my sketchbook as is first.
I'll put it away for a bit and then try my new pages before deciding which direction to go in.


◦ Alien Mailart ◦

 Zona Postal from Argentina has a mailart call for all things alien.
Check her newest blog for more information and documentation: Pulpolandia


Illustration Friday ✩ theatre ✩

 These thumbnail renderings of a lighting design for a special production of "The Wizard of Oz" are from a long time ago, but perfect for the word of the week "theatre".

To view all the submissions for "theatre" click here.


◦ random skull images ◦

Indian flat bread with yogurt  

burnt toast

 Both of these great skull photos by Joanne Dhody via Skull-A-Day, see more here.


Illustration Friday ✩ paper ✩

 "Harvest Moon"

Two tea stained paper circles stitched onto atc sized bits of doubled-sided paper.

Some more "Paper Moons" I'm stitching for Circulaire 132:

These are more stitched circle ideas drawn out with markers:

To view all the submissions for "paper" click here.

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