& mini-mandalas

 Little skull & feather mandalas on pages of an old book, 3 x 4½".


Denim & Bleach

 I recently cut a pair of jeans into shorts and used the remaining pieces to experiment using bleach.
It was like painting with invisible ink, with the excitement of watching the results slowly emerge!


Skull Simulacrum 2

 When I saw this skull emerging from the peeling paint, I immediately thought of Skull-A-Day.
This is a great part of my old neighbourhood, a train underpass. I took a couple of photos.

 And Skull-A-Day recently posted my submission! Take a look here.

 See the first skull simulacrum photo I sent in here.


Illustration Friday ~ repeat

 Repeat, repeat, repeat.
These little houses are on 6¼ x 4¼ pages of an old book.

To view all the submissions for "repeat" click here.


Little Houses

 After making a quick white maquette last summer (check here), I've been wanting to create more little houses with gardens and gates. I've been playing around with house proportions on 4" x 6½" pieces of paper, then cutting out gates and hedges to layer on top.

sent to Angela

house #005 (without gate)

house #003

house #004

house #006


Illustration Friday ~ summer

 Some rubber stamp and pen mandalas on colourful 5" origami paper.
Flowers and flies, both great summer reminders.

 I even folded a few more paper cranes. Here I've rubber stamped the corners of the paper that become the wings of the crane. I'm still way off from 1000 ... remember from 2 years ago?
I'm still keeping track of how many I've folded so far ~ eventually I'll get there.

To view all the submissions for "summer" click here.

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