Little Houses

 After making a quick white maquette last summer (check here), I've been wanting to create more little houses with gardens and gates. I've been playing around with house proportions on 4" x 6½" pieces of paper, then cutting out gates and hedges to layer on top.

sent to Angela

house #005 (without gate)

house #003

house #004

house #006


Illustration Friday ~ summer

 Some rubber stamp and pen mandalas on colourful 5" origami paper.
Flowers and flies, both great summer reminders.

 I even folded a few more paper cranes. Here I've rubber stamped the corners of the paper that become the wings of the crane. I'm still way off from 1000 ... remember from 2 years ago?
I'm still keeping track of how many I've folded so far ~ eventually I'll get there.

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◦☉ A Rare Full Moon ☉◦

  "Call it what you want - the Strawberry Moon, the Rose Moon or even the Honey Moon - June's full moon has several names, but this particular one is rare enough that we haven't seen one since the year 2000, and we won't see another until the year 2049. What's different about the full moon this month? For anyone living in or eastward of the Eastern time zone, it falls on Friday the 13th."

read the full article by Scott Sutherland, on theweathernetwork.com


·☠· Skull Appreciation Day ·☠·

 The gang over at Skull-A-Day are starting another year with this fantastic skeleton jumping jack.
To download you own pdf version check out their post here. You could even take pictures of it in action and send them in. And if you create artwork with a skull theme, you could be part of the Skull-A-Day project too, just take a look here.

Congratulations Noah and all the editors at Skull-A-Day!

They also have a kickstarter project:
Skull-A-Day: 365 Days/365 Skulls -The Ultimate Book by Noah Scalin
"All 365 skulls that I made starting in June of 2007 will finally be in one beautiful hardcover volume, but it'll only happen with your help! Read more details about it HERE."


Illustration Friday ~ universe

 Two abstract ideas for this week's theme.

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& Fluxus Bucks

 Over time I have received many of these Fluxus Bucks from different mailartists. I recently added to these collaborative collages and returned them to their original creator, Ex Posto Facto.

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